Mortgage Broker Bill Rayman with Homeowners First Answers Your Top Mortgage Questions: 

Rates have hit an all time low! What does that mean for you? 

Bill gives you some thoughts regarding how to time the market with regard to low rates. Should you just get out of the market for that new home you want if the rates go up half a point? Should you go looking for investment properties just because the rates are low? Bill is available to answer those kinds of questions every single day, and at no cost to you. Call Bill anytime (310) 453-4016

The no document mortgage loans are back. Also known as stated income mortgage loan.

Some individuals, such as the self-employed or those with erratic incomes, may now find a way to get a loan through stated income applications. Bill Rayman is a mortgage broker in Los Angeles who is constantly on the lookout for the best ways to get the best deal for your particular circumstance. View the video for the rest of the story. Call (310) 453-4016

How to Get A Loan 1 Day after Bankruptcy, Short Sale, Foreclosure is Discharged

While it is true that most individuals who have had a discharge of debt in bankruptcy will have to wait a minimum of two years and maybe much longer to get a mortgage; and while it is also true that those who have had a short sale or foreclosure will typically have difficulty getting a new mortgage until two or more years have passed; Bill Rayman has found some lenders and specific situations where he can get you financed. If you have a difficult situation standing in the way of getting a mortgage, don't give up until you have spoken to Bill Rayman. Call (310) 453-4016

Is There Value In Making Biweekly Payments on My Loan?

If you make biweekly payments of half your monthly payment instead of your monthly payment, you will pay about one extra payment per year. What will this do to your mortgage? Is it a good idea for you? Bill Rayman explains the math and the emotional benefits. This is what makes Bill the right person to call for ALL of your mortgage questions.  Call (310) 453-4016

Is It Becoming Easier To Get A Loan in 2015? LA Mortgage Broker Bill Rayman

You may have heard a lot of rumors regarding how difficult it is to get a mortgage as we enter into 2015. What are the fact? Bill Rayman has his ear to the ground on this, and has resources that are likely to provide you an easier path to a loan depending on your specific circumstances. Give Bill a call today to get the best possible deal -  (310) 453-4016

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