Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why Should You Connect with Bill Rayman on LinkedIn?

Bill Rayman is VERY Connected In Santa Monica and West LA!

 The reasons to get connected are pretty much the same reasons you have set up a LinkedIn account.

  1. I have a huge traditional Rolodex full of thousands of Westside business owners, community leaders, lawyers, and others.  Many of these individuals may be of help to you in providing goods, services, a job or an employee for a job you need filled
  2. I now am approaching 500 local folks who are connected to me on LinkedIn.  My plan is to extend that to well over 1000.  As you connect with me on LinkedIn, you are one step closer to connecting with those 1000 through the convenience of LinkedIn.
  3. I update my Linked in each time I produce another YouTube video, blog post, or make changes in my website, etc.,  By being Linked to me you see those updates.
  4. I have joined various LinkedIn Groups and will be joining more.  Many of these Westside and real estate related groups might be good places for us to participate together.
If you haven't already connected with me, let's get connected. There is a very good chance that I have friends, clients, and associates who you might benefit from being connected to, either directly, or through me. Likewise, your connections might help me.

Make sure you go to my Linked In profile page and connect with me!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Sense of Direction Challenged? Getting Lost with or without GPS

Getting from Point 9 to Point B?  Why Point 9?  I'm Lost Already 

I'm in the camp of the eternally lost. If having mental maps is a state of mind, for me that just means one more state to get lost in. My maps seem constructed from DNA that hasn't been updated since a couple of Cro-Magnons ran from predators and managed not to fall into a tar pit.  My maps have the staying power of an Etch-a-Sketch.

Getting lost is expected.   My checklist of dunderhead moves include: getting lost on numbered streets; mistaking one avenue for another; and, missing San Diego entirely on a straight southern shot from LA and winding up at the Mexican border. Sherman McCoy in "The Bonfires of the Vanities" has nothing on me; I've left rubber in parts of towns that I never ever EVER should have been in. I regularly go to the wrong car, street, house, city, airport, and, once, country. That last one may be some kind of record. It also provided a unique ethical dilemma.

Paris. I'm with my French girlfriend before I head for a business meeting in Barcelona. I know her, and know her sense of direction is 12 levels below common sense. So when she puts me on the metro to the airport, I'm sure - and soon confirm - that it's the wrong train. No problem. When you get lost as a matter of course you learn to leave spare time. I switch trains and get to DeGaulle airport an hour before my flight. Perfect. Or would be - except I'm at the wrong airport.

I've exhausted my spare time. The clock is ticking. I hop into a taxi, shout "Orly airport. Vite!" and we're off. Zipping on the highway, half-way there I can tell I'll make it with, oh, at least 10 seconds to spare! Yikes, but phew! To save time I get my wallet out, and realize I'm broke. I gave all my money to my girlfriend. I didn't need money. I'm being met by a delegation in Spain.

Now, it should be noted that the French have a reputation for being unfriendly, particularly the waiters and cab drivers.   Understandable since they don't get tips. "Uh-oh" is the same in French as in English.

Time to choose. Say nothing, get to Orly then dash out and run like mad. Or, confess and pray to the travel gods my driver doesn't deposit me in the middle of nowhere (a place I've been many times!)

I opt for honesty. I tell the driver, "Je n'ai pas any money." He glares. I cringe. He declares, "Pas probleme," and floors it. I could kiss him. But really don't want to be left in the middle of the highway.

We make it to Orly. My flight to Spain leaves in minutes.   I dash thru the Iberian Airlines counter trailed by their laughter at my plight, race down the corridor - suffering the airport rule that the less time you have the further your departure gate is - and hurl myself through the closing door and onto the plane's floor. I made it!!!

And that's how I got to Rome, Italy.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to Check Out Your Mortgage Broker in Advance: Fox News

From Fox News Article
 Fox News Gives Advice on How to: 

Protect Yourself From Crooked Mortgage Broker

The carnage of the housing crisis and resulting foreclosures have left prospective homebuyers a little wiser and a lot more skittish. Many borrowers are looking at mortgage brokers and lenders with a jaundiced eye. And they're not the only ones: States and the federal government have been tightening regulations in an effort to stem broker fraud and to ensure brokers are legitimate.

The article goes on to point out three primary places to check to determine if you broker is legit and has the assets to back up their efforts on your behalf.
  • brokers must have guaranty funds, surety bonds or minimum net worth
  • research before deciding which broker to use
  • state licensing
These are wise steps to take and we will be happy to provide you with all the assurance you need regarding our company.  

Monday, February 18, 2013

What is an interest rate lock and how does it work?

Los Angeles Mortgage Broker Bill Rayman Explains Mortgage Interest Rate Locks.

 A typical interest rate lock guarantees your interest rate for 30 days from the date your application is received unless otherwise stated.  The lock does not obligate you to the loan nor does it obligate the lender to fund.  It merely eliminates the risk of interest rates increasing while final negotiations are in process. If interest rates fall, we may or may not be able to re-lock with the same lender at the lower rate. 

Since the lender is absorbing the risk of a potential increase in rates, there is a cost for taking on this risk.  Therefore, when you shop for mortgages, a 7% interest rate with a 60 day lock is a better deal for you than a 7% interest rate with a 30 day lock.

Once you submit and the lender receives your application, a lock for that interest rate is established.  You will receive a confirmation in your loan approval package.  At this point your interest rate will be guaranteed as long as you are approved, and assuming you submit all information prior to the deadlines in the lock. 

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Friday, February 15, 2013

What Mortgage Can I Afford in Los Angeles?

As home prices rocket up in Los Angeles, some who fear being left out of ever affording a home are quickly sizing up the market.  Part of that equation is an actual equation.  How much can you afford?  Even if you think you can afford a certain amount, the lender or now the US government may not agree with you.  New restrictions put in place as a result of Dodd Frank have created rules regarding what are safe loans.

See a home mortgage affordability calculator right here.

In some ways determining the amount that you can afford to pay for a new home may seem like a simple process.  You figure out your net income after taxes (the amount of your paycheck), and you subtract all of your other payments and expenses other than housing.  The answer is how much pr month you can afford for your new home.  You would be right, of course, but it isn't quite that simple.

First of all, banks and other lending institutions, have standards that you must meet in order to get a mortgage from them.  While these vary from company to company, there are some rules of thumb that you can use.  The total mortgage payment plus property tax and homeowners insurance AND any association dues, should not exceed 28% of your net income.

Now add all other debt payments for cars, credit cards, installment debt, and the like.  The total of your your cost of homeownership above plus your cost of paying these debts should not exceed 36% of your net income.

Because homes cost more in the Southern California area than they do in say, Detroit, and because the cost of heating and air conditioning is much lower here, many lenders will allow slightly higher ratios than above.  The 28% and 36%  are still excellent standards to use in your own planning.

Another way to look at your personal ability to pay is to compare all cost of homeownership with cost of renting.  This is fairly complicated and cannot be determined by seat-of-the-pants methods.  Calculators set up for this are useful.  Here are things that are commonly overlooked.  Mortgage interest and property taxes are deductible for purposes of IRS personal income tax.  If you are in the 20% tax bracket, you can roughly assume that you will save 20% of your total interest and property tax expense on your federal taxes.  In California, you will also have tax savings on state taxes.

On the expense side, many underestimate the cost of utilities, new furniture, repairs, and upkeep.  Most apartment dwellers do not have high air conditioning bills, landscape expense, or need to replace the roof.  Pay special attention to estimated costs of water, trash, electricity, gas, and sewage.  Add to your budget a reasonable amount for repairs and improvements.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Buying A Home in LA? Or Selling One? Should You Use a RE Agent?

Why Use a Real Estate Agent to Buy or Sell a Home in Los Angeles?

In this 10 minute video, Los Angeles refinance expert and mortgage broker Bill Rayman gives an honest and critical analysis of working with a realtor vs. going it alone. 

He also explains the most important things to look for in a real estate agent. (hint: its not giving you flowers, although we all love flowers.) Bill explains the facts that inform his professional opinion, and the pros and cons of going with a real estate agent, or going independent. 

As a mortgage professional with many years in the industry, Bill Rayman provides honest, experienced, and balanced consultation on the ins and outs of home buying and refinancing, and the lending process.  It is common knowledge that there is misinformation and predatory practices in the mortgage industry. Bill Rayman prepares consumers with the information they need to know to get a fair deal in today's real estate market.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Trulia Now Offers Heat Map to Show Home Values by Los Angeles Region

Help Your Home Shopping Experience with a Heat Map to Guide You to Affordable Homes

Trulia is now offering a heat map to give you a graphic guide to home shopping in the Los Angeles Market.  One can only guess as to why Santa Monica Manhattan Beach, etc, are left out.  However, this is a fun new tool to help you decide where not to shop.