Thursday, January 29, 2015

No Doc Loans Are Back - But Very Different in 2015

Is Your Income Hard to Verify or Go Through Huge Ups and Downs?

In 2006 just about anybody could get a no doc loan. All you had to do was say cross my heart, and some lenders were only too happy to get you signed up. The 2008 wake up call stopped that ideas cold, but went too far. For many years, otherwise qualified borrowers were locked out of the market because their true financial position was not obvious or because their income fluctuated year-to-year because of the profession or craft they were in.

Bill Rayman explains in this video how the mortgage market has softened a bit for good borrowers who need the stated income approach.

If this is about you, give Bill a call.  He can help you determine if a no doc loan is the right approach for you.  Call 424-354-5325

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