Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mortgage Terminology All Seems Like Greek To You? Comprehensive Glossary

Los Angeles Mortgage Broker and Mortgage Banker, Bill Rayman, Offers a Complete and Trusted Financial Glossary FREE 24/7.

We live in amazing times.  30 years ago or less, if you wanted to know the definition of a complex legal or financial term, you'd have had to get in your car and go to the library.  And we understand that you can just google a term and get all kinds of definitions.  But the one big negative on the internet is knowing who to trust. 

So if you need to know what a term means, here is a trusted resource:

Now, the internet also has list and lists of places you can get a mortgage.  But you get right down to that word "trust" again.  Why should you trust Bill Rayman anymore than the next guy.  Start by checking out his references here.  Then consider his background here.  If that isn't enough check out his YouTube videos here.  And, of course, you can read this blog.

By the time you are finished with that research, if you need more, just call Bill and have a conversation.  There is no charge or obligation.

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