Sunday, May 26, 2013

Get a Mortgage in Los Angeles Before Rates Go Up

A Los Angeles Mortgage Is A Big Prize as Inventories Dry Up and Rates Remain Low

Los Angeles Mortgage Broker Bill Rayman
Los Angele Mortgage Broker Bill Rayman
LA does it again.  The residential real estate market bottomed out in 2012 and started zooming up later in 2012 in some districts.  As might be expected the beach communities were first.  Very limited supplies of new land to build any kind of residential buildings makes the West LA and other similar areas primed at all times for shortage based panics.

By early 2013 the market turned super hot.  Any decent property received multiple offers the very first day on the market, commonly higher than the asking price.  Other properties were sold before the multiples were even out.  Local residents and foreign nationals with all cash offers jumped in early.  But according to Los Angeles mortgage expert, Bill Rayman, those with decent credit scores who met income requirements and had even 3.5% down were active, too.  "Our office has been busy for over 12 months, and I have so many new loans being processed that I've been working long days and longer weeks."

Where does the home shopper in Los Angeles go for a mortgage loan?  What kind of mortgage rates are available in Los Angeles?  Bill says that the first stop should always be the mortgage broker.  "Why frustrate yourself looking at properties where you can't compete.  In this market, many owners won't even talk to you if you don't have a commitment from a lender.  So, start by calling a Los Angeles Mortgage Broker to get information on rates, terms, and what you can afford."
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