Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Civil War as States Line Up on Mortgage Interest Rate Tax Benefit

Blue States Get Almost All the Benefits from Home Interest Rate Income Tax Deduction

Articles are starting to pop up in newspapers where the average home price isn't $400,000.  The refrain is predictable:  Time to End the Home Mortgage Deduction

You see, as reported in this blog during our extensive series on the mortgage interest deduction debate, if your home doesn't have a $300,000 mortgage, and if your combined family income is not $75,000 or more, you aren't benefiting from the mortgage deduction.  Guess where almost all the homes and family incomes are who qualify?  California, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, the most solidly blue states in the union.

Consider the irony for a moment.  These four states control a lot of electoral votes for the Democrats.  And the Democrats are the only ones pushing or even suggesting that the mortgage deduction be eliminated.  On the other side, just as ironic for Republicans, the states where they are solidly in control have lower cost homes and lower average incomes.  In other words, very few of their constituents are benefiting from the most cherished deduction of all.

Of course the irony stems from the fact that the Dems want more revenue from the rich, and the Republicans want nothing to do with any tax increases that might reduce spendable personal income and increase cash in the hands of the government.

If you would be interested in getting all the sides and ideas on this debate, here are posts we have generated over the past few months.

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