Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why Should You Connect with Bill Rayman on LinkedIn?

Bill Rayman is VERY Connected In Santa Monica and West LA!

 The reasons to get connected are pretty much the same reasons you have set up a LinkedIn account.

  1. I have a huge traditional Rolodex full of thousands of Westside business owners, community leaders, lawyers, and others.  Many of these individuals may be of help to you in providing goods, services, a job or an employee for a job you need filled
  2. I now am approaching 500 local folks who are connected to me on LinkedIn.  My plan is to extend that to well over 1000.  As you connect with me on LinkedIn, you are one step closer to connecting with those 1000 through the convenience of LinkedIn.
  3. I update my Linked in each time I produce another YouTube video, blog post, or make changes in my website, etc.,  By being Linked to me you see those updates.
  4. I have joined various LinkedIn Groups and will be joining more.  Many of these Westside and real estate related groups might be good places for us to participate together.
If you haven't already connected with me, let's get connected. There is a very good chance that I have friends, clients, and associates who you might benefit from being connected to, either directly, or through me. Likewise, your connections might help me.

Make sure you go to my Linked In profile page and connect with me!

Click here now!

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