Friday, December 30, 2011

Need Advice? Mortgage Loan Consultant Helps with Home Loan Mortgage FAQs

Bill raymanA huge part of my business is advising folks for free about the decision process related to getting a mortgage on their home, business property, or investment properties.  Please feel free to call me anytime to discuss your needs or just walk through options regarding refinancing, a new mortgage, fha mortgages, down payments, or any other aspect of the process.  There is no cost or obligation associated with my providing you consulting. 

If you are a real estate professional such as a real estate agent or broker, property manager, investment manager, I am here to help you be more successful at working with your clients.  Similarly, CPA's and Estate Lawyers commonly find my services helpful.

Call me today at (310) 453-4016 or email me at


  1. If you need advice right from the hoses mouth then you should call someone that lends his own money ... Private Money Lenders lends its own money not someone else's. We can give you advice from our experience of over 15 years