Monday, February 8, 2010

Property Investment upbeat for 2010- A Great Time to Invest in Your First Home, or Many Homes in the Los Angeles Area

A very positive outlook for the housing industry.  There is a great demand due to market conditions- a great time to give Bill Rayman a call at 310-295-2900 ext 113 to capitalize on and purchase your first home or several investment properties!  To read the full story to this very informative article, simply click here.

"Managers at property investment companies are optimistic that the upturn in property seen at the end of last year will continue."

"A spokeswoman for the AIC says: “It is encouraging to see property investment companies experiencing a rebound after the lows from 2007 to mid-2009." 

“The unprecedented growth in the past six months clearly cannot be maintained but for investors that take a long-term view, property is an important asset to hold as part of a diversified portfolio.”

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