Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Los Angeles Mortgage - Top 10 Tips on Mortgages Loans for 2010

I found this article.  Thought you might find it useful.

10 tips on mortgages for 2010

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The article discusses the following ten mortgage areas and tips:
Lending Standards
Down Payments
Credit Scores
FHA-backed Mortgages
FHA Requirements
Mortgage Rates
Jumbo Mortgages
Fed Rate Hike
Economic Recovery
Future of Fannie and Freddie

By U.S. News & World Report

More than three years into a painful housing crash, the real-estate market has sent recent -- albeit tentative -- signs of stabilization. Home sales have increased, inventory levels are down, and price declines have become less precipitous.

Along with more-affordable home prices and a tax perk from Uncle Sam, attractive mortgage rates -- which remained near 5% as of late December -- have been a driving force behind this development. The availability of low mortgage rates will play a decisive role in the performance of the 2010 housing market as well.


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