Thursday, September 10, 2009

Home Loans At Huge Discounts in Santa Monica - Mortgages Slashed 40%

Most mortgage loan agents don't advertise with a headline like the above. But I'm not sure why. An email from MacMall today offered 20% off on an IPod Touch, and this was a big headline. A 2009 Lamborghini Spyder is supposed to sell for $200,000. You can have it for $120,000 – a 60% discount. Want to hear more?

A plane ticket to Europe is $800. Would you jump at $480 – a 40% discount?

A 50” plasma TV is $2,500. Would you jump at 40% off – to pay only $1,500?

Too good to be true?

Taking your kids to dinner and a movie costs $66. Might you be more likely to sit through Transformers 2 if it only set you back $39? Ok, you still might not.

Since 1963, the 30yr fixed mortgage rate averaged 8.60%. Today, it’s 5.14%. Would you jump to buy or refinance? That is a 40% discount

Pundits and politicians, bankers and brokers, Democrats and Republicans, cats and dogs, Han and Uighers, Yankees and Red Sox – everyone, it seems, is hawking the news that interest rates are at a historical low.

When you couple the 30% discount on the cost of homes, vacation homes, rental property, and commercial investment grade property, with the 40% discounts in mortgage rates, you should seriously consider buying your dream right now.

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